Carbide Bur Set 8pc. (Champion)
Carbide Bur Set 8pc. (Champion)

Carbide Bur Set 8pc. (Champion)

Champion Cutting Tool

  • • Includes: SA5, SC3, SC5, SD5, SF3, SF5, SG3, SL4
  • • Used in mold and pattern making, die sinking, tool making and maintenance, burs reach into small intricate areas
  • • Double cut flutes for effiecient machining of cast iron,steels, titanium, brass, bronze and copper
Champion solid carbide Burs with Titanium Nitride coating are manufactured in the USA from C2 tungsten carbide. Completely machined ground for consistently high performance, Champion Burs feature double cut flutes with a 1/4" Shank. "Double cut" flutes reduce chips to small, easily disposed particles, while providing better user control for more accurate deburring.
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