The come-along is one of the most versatile tools that you can own. Whether you are a business or home owner, a wire rope puller delivers the power you need to move large objects. Recovering a stuck vehicle or removing a small tree from your property are no longer a big deal when you use a come-along! Dakota Riggers carries a full line of cable pullers by Durabilt and Lincoln.

Cable & Rope Come-Alongs

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Come-Along 1 ton (Durabilt)
Come-Along 2 ton (Durabilt)
Come-Along 4 ton (Durabilt)
Rope Puller 3/4 Ton x 50' (Maasdam)
Come-Along 1-1/2 ton w/ 10' of cable (Lincoln)
Come-Along 1-1/2 ton w/ 30' of cable (Lincoln)
Come-Along 2 ton w/ 20' of cable (Lincoln)

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