Protecting yourself from a fall in the workplace means doing all of the little things to mitigate risk. Our line of fall protection accessories will help you keep your hands free and your body securely tethered to an anchor point. We carry a variety of headlamps, rope grabs, tool lanyards, and tie offs.

Fall Protection Accessories

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Dyneema Sling 24"
Seat for Petzl Volt Harness
Petzl Jag System
Petzl Jag Rescue Kit
Trauma Safety Strap (DBI Sala)
Adjustable Radio/Cell Phone Holster
Lanyard Keeper for Harness
Adjustable Radio/Cell Phone Holster w/Lanyard
Tie-Off Adaptor (DBI)
Glyder 2 Sliding Beam Anchor (DBI)
Tikka Headlamp (200 Lumens)
Pixa 1 Headlamp (25 Lumens)
Pixa 2 Headlamp (30 Lumens)
Pixa 3 Headlamp (40 Lumens)
Septor Led Headlamp (120 Lumens)

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