We carry just about any style hook for your rigging needs. Whether you are looking for eye or clevis hooks, our grade 80 and grade 100 rated hooks are strong enough to handle whatever you throw at them. Chain hooks are available in a number of popular styles such as grab, slip, and snap.


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Clevis Grab Hook (Gunnebo, Grade 100)
Clevis Slip Hook (Gunnebo, Grade 100)
Eye Grab Hook (Gunnebo, Grade 80)
Eye Hook (Crosby 320N)
Eye Slip Hook (Gunnebo, Grade 100)
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Eye Swivel Hook (Crosby 322AN)
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Forged Snap Hook (Crosby G-3315)
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Latch Kit (for Crosby 320N and 322AN hooks)
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Lifting J-Hook
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Lifting J-Hook Short Tip
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Lifting J-Hook x 8-3/4"
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