Lube-A-Gear Aerosol (12oz.)
Lube-A-Gear Aerosol (12oz.)

Lube-A-Gear Aerosol (12oz.)


  • • Easy to apply
  • • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • • Film provides lubrication and cushioning of gear teeth
  • • Resistant to water washout corrosion
  • • Extends gear teeth life
  • • Applicator tube supplied, allows pinpoint accuracy when required
  • • Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties

Estimated Lead Time

On backorder until mid/late October.

LUBE-A-GEAR™ is an open gear lubricant made with high quality residual stock and extreme pressure additives. This formulation is diluted with a flammable solvent that evaporates rapidly. The residue that is left on the gear surface is a tacky film that will not harden or flake off even at low temperatures. This grease will promote greater gear protection and is easy to apply under diverse conditions.
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