Simple yet irreplaceable, a pry bar is one of those tools that doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. There are few substitutes for a pry bar when you need one and they last a lifetime! We carry pry bars and many other types like wrecking bars, connecting bars, the San Angelo, and the grizzly bar.

Pry Bars

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Jimmy Bar (OTC)
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Pry Bar Set 3 Pc. (OTC)
Rolling Head Pry Bar (OTC)
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Grizzly Bar x 55-1/2" (Klein)
San Angelo Bar 1" x 60" (Seymour)
Connecting Bar (Klein)
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Gooseneck Wrecking Bar x 36" (Ames)
Jimmy Bar 1" x 54" (OTC)
Extendable Pry Bar, 18"-29" (Gearwrench)

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