Razorback® Spike Maul
Razorback® Spike Maul

Razorback® Spike Maul


  • • Drive wedges in using the striking head
  • • Excellent for splitting wood
  • • 34" solid core fiberglass handle for maximum strength
  • • Head to handle connection reinforced with a steel pin
The RAZOR-BACK #8 Wood Splitting Maul is constructed with a 34-inch fiberglass handle and forged steel head. It has an exclusive sleek design with additional functionality, safety and control. The handle features a two piece overstrike slip eye connection, TPE over mold for better control, and non-slip rounded and flared end for more precision and safety. This is a great tool for professional and personal use. Utilize tool for splitting wood in conjunction with wood splitting wedges by first making a notch with splitting edges and then driving the wedge with the maul's striking head.
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