We are your source for a wide range of rescue equipment like safety helmets and rappelling gear. Our merchandise is battle tested so that you know you can rely on it to work when it counts. Products like pulley's, descender's, and safety straps are essentials for any search and rescue kit.

Rescue Equipment and Gear

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Vertex 2 Best Hard Hat (Petzl)
Vertex 2 Vent Hard Hat (Petzl)
Skylotec Mini Pulley System
Cordex Rappel/Belay Gloves (Petzl)
Cordex Plus Rappel/Belay Gloves (Petzl)
Trauma Safety Strap (DBI Sala)
Rescue Pulley (Petzl)
Gemini Double Prusik Pulley (Petzl)
Micro Traxion (Petzl)
Pro Traxion (Petzl)
Jag Traxion Pulley (Petzl)
Jag Pulley (Petzl)
RollClip Pulley Carabiner (Petzl)
Ergogrip Positioning Lanyard (1.8 meter)
Ergogrip Positioning Lanyard (1 meter)
L52H 003
Petzl Grillon Adjustable Positioning Lanyard - 2 Meters w/Hook & Carabiner
Petzl Grillon Adjustable Positioning Lanyard - 2 Meters
Rig Descender
I'D Descender (10-11.5mm rope)
I'D Descender (11.5-13mm rope)
Rack Descender (Petzl)
Huit Descender (Petzl)
Fisk Descender (DBI Sala)
Basic Rope Clamp (Petzl)
Ascension Hand Ascender (Petzl)
Footape Foot Ascender (Petzl)
Swivel, Small (Petzl)
Swivel, Gated (Petzl)
Swivel, Large (Petzl)
Paw Anchor Plate, Small (Petzl)
Paw Anchor Plate, Medium (Petzl)
Petzl Jag System
Petzl Jag Rescue Kit

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