Safety & Rigging Info


  • Issue: 3M does not permit powered climb assist systems (PCAs) to be used in conjunction with 3M's Climbing Ladder Fall Arrest Systems (CLFAS), unless such PCAs are verified by 3M as being compatible with 3M's CLFAS.

  • History: 3M previously alerted the industry in April 2019 to its concerns about compatibility based upon reports of incidents in the field and the conern identified in the ANSI/ASSE Z359.16-2016 standard for Climbing Ladder Fall Arrest Systems (CLFAS).

  • Summary: In the interest of worker safety, unless a PCA system has been verified by 3M as being compatible with 3M's CLFAS systems, 3M directs you to immediately discontinue use of such PCA systems with 3M's CLFAS. Note that manufacturers and owners of wind towers are responsible to verify compatibility between their PCA and CLFAS systems. 

  • Contact: User inquiries about equipment compatibility should be directed to 3M Technical Service at [email protected]

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