Sling Fabrication

Modern times call for modern rigging, and we are always at the forefront of the latest and greatest rigging innovations. At Dakota Riggers we have the capability to manufacturer or provide a wide variety of different rigging options to suit any need! 

Sling Fabrication Options

  • Wire rope slings up to 1-1/2" in-house. Larger sizes available through special order.
  • Grade 100 chain slings and components up to 3/4" in-house. Larger sizes available through special order.
  • Wide variety of rope sling options, including 3 strand, single braid, and double braid. 
  • Tow ropes manufactured in-house up to 2-5/8".
  • SlingMax Single-Path and Twin-Path slings built in-house.
  • Web slings and polyester round slings available in custom lengths.

Wire Rope Slings

All of our wire rope slings are made with 100% domestic wire rope (unless otherwise requested). We have the capability to spice up to 1-1/2" diameter in our shop. Single slings, multi-leg bridles, custom assemblies are all available!

Chain Slings

Our grade 100 chain sling components come fully load tested from the manufacturer. Each chain sling ordered will be tagged with all of the essential chain sling information stamped on to the tag, along with the personalized serial number for that sling. Customers will also be provided with a test certificate for each chain sling.

Rope Slings

We can custom build a wide variety of rope slings, including eye & eye slings, adjustable transformer slings, multi-leg bridles, and tool bag lifting slings. Custom sizes, lengths, and designs can be quoted!

Tow Ropes

Our tow ropes are some of the strongest and most versatile on the market. Constructed from a high-strength double braided cordage, they can take the all of the punishment that you can dish out. All tow-ropes are made-to-order and are available in custom lengths. All tow ropes come with cordura sleeves in the eyes, but multiple options are available for extra protection on the eyes or the body of the tow rope.

SlingMax Slings

The newest addition to our sling fabrication department, we can now build Single-Path slings, Twin-Path slings in-house, and CornerMax Edge Protectors in-house! 

Synthetic Slings

Our flat web slings and endless polyester round slings are all USA made and available in custom lengths. All synthetic slings come with high quality leather tags. Custom lengths are available, as well as other options such as full body cordura wrap for web slings, and extra cordura sleeves for endless round slings.

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