• • Connects the ASAP (international or European version) or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to the harness
  • • Allows the user to keep the rope at a distance in order to declutter the work area and protect the rope from sharp tools and molten metal splash
  • • Absorbs energy in case of a fall
  • • Tearing of the energy absorber webbing limits the impact force on the user
  • • Designed for users who weigh between 50 and 130 kg. Can be used for loads of up to 250 kg in two-person rescue situations
  • • Durable fabric pouch with opening system at each end, protects the energy absorber from abrasion or contaminants while allowing for regular inspection of the absorber
  • • Comes with two types of connector accessories
  • • STRING webbing protectors to hold the connector in position and protect the webbing from abrasion
  • • CAPTIV positioning bars to keep the carabiners integrated with the lanyard
The ASAP’SORBER AXESS energy absorber connects to the ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to allow the user to work at a distance from the rope, in order to protect it during certain work phases. Equipped with tear-webbing inside a pouch that opens on each end, the absorber is protected from abrasion while allowing for regular inspection. In can be used in two-person rescue situations for a maximum load of 250 kg. It is certified to U.S., European, and Russian standards.
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