Twin-Path® Sling, 125,000 lb Vertical
Twin-Path® Sling, 125,000 lb Vertical

Twin-Path® Sling, 125,000 lb Vertical

Sling Length
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  • • Vertical: 125,000 lbs
  • • Choke: 100,000 lbs
  • • 90° Basket: 250,000 lbs
  • • Body Width: 8"
  • • Minimum recommended hardware diameter: 2.50"
  • • The Check-Fast® External Warning Indicator (EWI) provides a criteria for pass/fail inspection when the internal load-bearing core yarn may be damaged.
  • • Rifled Cover® Technology is a major patented breakthrough only available on Slingmax® Twin-Path® high-performance fiber roundslings. Rifled Cover® Technology works like the inside of a rifle barrel, where the bullet spins as it leaves the muzzle of the gun. The helical winding of the core fibers significantly improves strength and efficiency.
Twin-Path® synthetic roundslings have Check-Fast® Inspection overload indicators, Covermax® Covers for superior abrasion resistance, and inner red covers as an aid to inspection. Twin-Path® slings are used worldwide in place of steel rigging for heavy lifts. They are approximately 10% of the weight of a steel sling and are repairable. The Twin-Path® sling design, which has two individual paths of fiber working as one sling, gives the rigger confidence. These slings have less than 1% elongation at rated capacity. If productivity, safety, and precision are important, then Twin-Path® high-performance roundslings are your best choice. Independent testing shows that K-Spec® core yarn is the longest lasting load-bearing core yarn in any sling.