Rigger's Tow-N-Go Kit 1" x 30' (Import Shackles)
Rigger's Tow-N-Go Kit 1' x 30' (Import Shackles)

Rigger's Tow-N-Go Kit 1" x 30' (Import Shackles)

More Details
  • • 44,000 lb. breaking strength
  • • Two 1" shackles included
  • • Durable vinyl storage/carrying bag
  • • Our tow ropes are constructed from a unique, hightenacity, cordage-finish polyester rope
  • • Offers low stretch, high strength, and excellent wear life and dielectric strength
  • • Each tow rope is tagged with rope size and breaking strength
Now available in a convenient kit, includes a 1" tow rope, two 1" shackles, and a storage/carrying bag!
Our 2-in-1 type tow ropes have proven to be the most reliable and efficient type of pulling and tugging ropes in the industry. We provide tow ropes to a variety of users including agriculture, construction, land fills, utility companies, and sportsman to name a few. The 2-in-1 type ropes provide a unique energy stretch that absorbs much of the shock load that occurs in pulling applications and assists in recovery type situations.